The faith, trials and triumphs of the Congolese people.

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'Jesus in Congo' has been nominated for a Stellae Award!

On Saturday the 2nd of May we had our world premiere in Sydney, Australia.


Hosted by film critic Ben McEachen, with a musical performance by composer Cam Henderson and a QandA at the end with filmmakers Bryce McLellan and Josh Maule, it was a great night for everyone who's been involved with the project over the last two years.


Thanks to all who those attended we've raised over $20,000 for aid work in Eastern Congo.



During the Second Congo War Isesomo sheltered two boys from the Lendu tribe from an angry mob of Hema warriors. Then the mob found out where Isesomo was keeping them.



Dorcas was born an oprhan. She grew up on other people's scraps, praying to God her life would get better. Then she married a man who didn't care about her. But God still had plans for her.

Congo Free State


The history of the Democratic Republic of Congo is perhaps the saddest of any country in the world. The cycles of exploitation that began in colonial times
continue to this day.

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