Isesomo is the Bishop of the North Kivu diocese. During the Second Congo War he found himself caught between two warring tribes - the Hema and the Lendu. Isesomo attempted to arbitrate between the two tribes, preaching peace and patience.


However, tensions boiled over, and an angry mob of Hemas came to kill two Lendu boys who were members of Isesomo's church.






Dorcas lost both her parents at an early age and grew up relying on other people's generosity. There was very little food for her and she was almost always malnourished.


When she was in her 20's she met Kasareka, who took her as his wife. She thought it was her way out of poverty, but her husband didn't care about her and she never knew where he was or how he spent his time. Then she got stomach cancer and went to hospital.


As she was in the hospital she noticed a crying baby who had lost her mother. Dorcas prayed to God 'If I survive I will raise this child.' Her cancer went away and she took the child home.


When her husband saw her recovery and the child she brought home, he said "I will pray with you for this child and I will serve God."


Dorcas and Kasareka have continued adopting children ever since.




Congo Free State


Before the Europeans colonised Africa, slavers would abduct Africans from their homeland and sell them around the world.


When the European powers divided Africa amongst themselves, King Leopold the 2nd of Belgium campaigned for the massive land of Kongo to be given to him personally, so he could create a colony where the Congolese would be free of slavery. His request was granted, and his charity earned him praise across Europe.


Leopold's real intentions, however, were to create the biggest slave state in history.



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